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I’ll start with this, I don’t have all the answers.

This isn’t about telling anyone how we should handle this. I’m just stunned at everything that I’ve been seeing and reading in response to the Paris attack and how we should handle the Syrian refugees. I despise bullies, of all kinds. Whether it be racists, playground bullies, or terrorists. It all disgusts me.

As much I dislike and hate the loss of life that’s taken place with each terrorist attack, I find the racist response just as troubling. It’s like we’ve lost sight of what makes us America.

While police were shooting unarmed blacks in the streets we screamed, “Black Lives Matter” and in response White America shouted back, “All Lives Matter.”

All Lives Matter was a slap in the face, but I’ll accept it for now and file it away for later use.

I am a strategist after all.

So — fuck it — I’ll play the game.

Now here we are as a nation trying to decide what to do about a bunch of Syrian refugees who have been affected by ISIS, the terrorist group that has taken responsibility for the Paris attacks. They are a dangerous group of shitheads who very well need to be on the receiving end of a bullet or bomb themselves.


The fear that the Republican base is throwing out there is that ISIS may have infiltrated and hidden themselves among the refugees in order to get into the country.

I’ll admit, it’s possible.

For argument’s sake, I’ll go along and even ignore the fact that we have already taken some Syrians in and nothing has happened.

“We should focus our efforts on the Christians that are being slaughtered.” -Jeb!

Meanwhile, a few of the Republican presidential candidates have taken a stance that’s not very American and definitely not very Christian.

Jeb Bush, aka Jeb! of Jeb Can Fix It fame, for example, wants us to focus on saving Christian refugees and leave the Muslim ones behind. Trump has gone so far as to say that we might want to start looking at shutting down mosques because The Talking happens there.

Well, it’s almost December, the month in which we celebrate the birth of a Middle Easterner whose family sought refuge and safety.

Refuge and fuckin’ safety. Yet here we are turning our collective backs on refugees.

These are the same people who had the nerve to scream “All Lives Matter.” Remember? Do they really matter?

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” -Ben Franklin

These are the same people who lean on the Constitution whenever there’s a mass shooting and there’s a call for gun restrictions.

By no means am I in favor of banning guns. I’m just making a point.

These are the same people who are willing to strip away someone else’s rights in order to feel safe from a possible threat, yet do nothing about the mass shooting deaths that are actually affecting Americans today.

These again are the same people who will tell you that cops as a whole are inherently good and that we shouldn’t be so upset over a few bad apples on the force, yet easily throw all Muslims together in the same bunch.

Some of us may not be paying attention to how Muslims and Middle Easterners are being treated.

It’s easy to see the differences between us and dismiss them, but the struggles that Blacks in America and Muslims are having really aren’t that different. Understand that their plight in America is ours. The same people who are making decisions that are not in our best interest are doing the same for them.

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