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Pulp Faction: Vice & Liberation 2017

Pulp Faction: Vice & Liberation 2017


been spending a lot of time on a bare mattress, sifting truth

from narrative. i don't care about my life (i told myself in

the lot of Produce Pro). what do I care about? the work -

the stories, memory, causality - impact. also I was hungry:


burrito time.


walking along a sidewalk liberally smeared with human

feces, angled toward the curb, searching for anything hopeful

in the sky; I began to reflect upon the heaving shit pile that is

2017. Trump's printing the constitution on toilet paper in the

white house & we all know that document has always been a lie.


but I'm thinking i may have to join the ACLU; because, god

damn it, i want to believe the lie. how many days passed b/t

july 4th '76 and the first time a black man heard the words of

the declaration of independence. bill of rights wasn't written

for all of us. but we claim the constitution as our birthright -

rights, not freely given - human rights claimed as justification

for violence the world over. africans enslaved in the american

colonies, held the language of the constitution as a debt to be

repaid. a war bond we could cash in, once we'd bled enough.

today, i spoke with strangers about armed resistance. yesterday,

i heard plots of revolution in the streets and i keep daydreaming

about wilkes booth '17. come outside and meet me in the light of

day - there's some loud conversations that we need to have, and

quiet ones.


what are you willing to lose?


ALL IMAGES CAPTURED By kwesi abbensetts

ALL IMAGES CAPTURED By kwesi abbensetts

INS violated Homeland Security's restriction on invading sensitive

spaces to pull a raid on a preschool down the street. it's already

started, folks, planning for 2020 isn't soon enough.


do you have your passport?


time to bring back the soap box, dog. form two lines – willing

and unwilling to lose everything for the human race. i was asked

in a ceramics gallery whether I'm ready to kill for the cause.


& i encountered a comic book artist - who moved from somewhere

to oakland, documenting the black panther movement. he told me

that i wasn't ready to die. me and BIG looked at him - like, nigga



my friends are tired. they're scared. they are working themselves

to death, beating their brains out, seeking the resistance. we all can

read the blueprints on the wall. now is the time for a calculated risk.


who needs you now?


i've been looking for a reason to live. unable to use my hand since

the psych ward means unable to write. why was I glad hillary lost?

couldn't handle the complacency. am I not in the most vulnerable

population, wearing poverty around me as a cloak? do I choose not

to conform or am i unable? my will is strong as my gag reflex, i walk

around retching from the flagrance of human detritus on any given

city block. obstinate as a motherfucker - practicing love on single

moms around town - or what have you; shedding mucus, thinking

too hard. phlegmatic. unable to care about much at all, withholding

signs of love from those i need most. abandonment complex, inner

child lost in a parking lot. maybe we can help each other.




all images captured by  kwesi abbensetts

all images captured by kwesi abbensetts

what are we going to do? what's useful? fogged mirror reflections on

my lifelong estrangement from capitalism. a constant dependence and

i can't live this way anymore. so what now - what's useful – traded

favors to jigsaw resource against obstacle. define power: community,

infrastructure, information, communication, wealth, adaptiveness,

influence, access, support. what are your strengths? how can we lift

each other up? which elements of your world are more valuable than

cash. what's the most important thing you ever did?


we're exhausted, underpaid - but, that's not all we are. we're tired but

not beaten. lonely - we are not alone. this work is large. the work of

imagining our new world into place; migraines, focusing all of our

attention to identify a breaking point.

plan/execution. in other words:


i saw the best minds of my generation -

motherfucker - we ain't done.


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