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Warriors Don’t Cry

Warriors Don’t Cry


And even in times of distress,

Our Tears dissolve

while our laughter bounces

off walls, shattering

our enemies’ earlobes.

Dry tear ducts

curl into smiles full

of crooked teeth

and gold and silver in between,

Because we’re royalty.

Allies ask, “how do y’all persevere?”

We say,

“There’s nothing we can’t handle.

There’s nothing we can’t handle.”

We pray these words

Again and again

Knowing them to be true.

We persevere through

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus,

armed with Tongues of Fire,

furious as Shango,

militantly ready in Battle.

We’ve exhumed the spirits of

Fannie, of Ella, of Septima, of Araminta,

of Amelia, of Yuri,

of Daisy and Dorothy, of Prathia,

of Endesha, of Moody and

others we cannot name.

We’re soul angels,

daring devils.

Disrupting their comfort

in administrative offices,

in residence halls,

in classrooms.

Our audacity to be

Black and educated

Leaves us with feelings of defeat.

Quite contrary to what we should believe.

We are of the beautiful

black, brazen race.

That cultivated civilization in every way.

The Joshua generation

is upon us.

So why the hell do we think

They shouldn’t fear Us?

So all the rage is coming out.

Black revolutions

From campus to campus

Resigning presidents,

Unveiling blindfolds,

Changing narratives,

Back to the 60s.

We’ve put up a resistance.

And we don’t want to picket sign;

We actually want to pistol whip.

Wouldn’t that make our cause legit?

To be like the devils

Being nasty,

Bloody violent,

And most harmfully,


This world, WE, the melanized

created with EVERYTHING.

Even the crevices of our hands,

and the tips of our toes.

We, too, are dancing about the fire,

Like our Haitian ancestors.

Fire breathing demands of

Basic humane treatment,

Critically conscious education,


A Black History class, at least?

We are tired of

The “We shall overcomes”

Our mantra has become

We shall Overthrow.

We will overthrow



Any administration that

Perpetuates our oppression.

We will shut down

Every campus tour,

Where lies are indoctrinated

Into the minds of the vulnerable.

We will storm

Every office of presidents

Who purposefully

Refuse to do as we say.

We will cut off

Any threatening white hands

Who do not fear God.

For the devil is alive!

Raging and looking for

Black minds to devour.

Warriors don’t cry.

We laugh.

For the end times

Are coming…

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