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Don’t Shoot, We're Just Black

Don’t Shoot, We're Just Black


this is the voice
of a trumpet
the cry of a lion
whose eyes have watched
his tribe being cut away
this, from the soul of a black man
and the song of his wife's lips
for our children we have lost
we miss you Tamir Rice

anger so deep
i cant even feel my hands

they wont take a step back
Garner knows they won’t even let us breathe
staring at the ceiling all night
not sure what to do
i hope em cops wont raid my room
and shoot me down
Lord knows i still got em tears
when it happened to Aiyana Stanley-Jones
only 7 years old

police play innocent
but here's what her grandma told:

"the guy was pointing right there and Aiyana was hit.
i seen the light leave out of her eyes."

anger so deep
i cant even feel my hands

at this point i dont care
about making artistic symbols and rhymes
i cant take any more invasion,
slave ships,
whipped backs,
lynched brothers, raped sisters,
our bodies defiled
our heritage stripped
black women told to straighten their curls
its not white enough to be talking news on TV
looking like an african
better apologize for being black little girl
a white woman with cornrows!
that looks new and cool,
bring on the praise and attention
oh, he wants the job and he got dreads?
your blackness is offensive and unclean
in fact, i think i'll call 911
on your son

i see him playing around the block
with a water-gun,
yep, that little nigger might kill somebody

anger so deep
i cant feel my face

blood of my slave parents
boils in my veins
blood of black tribal soldiers
resisting the white man and his guns
cry out to me
blood of my people
my black unapologetic blood
freedom fighters preach:
"nonviolence works"
but you're gonna lose a brother or two
you got gold skin
but dont be fooled
they like your rap and your nappy hair
but that dont always mean
they care about you

raise your trumpets
bring out the lion
before they kill his roar too
lets defend the blood
before another pregnant black mom
gets punched in her unborn child
or crushed to the ground-belly first

for the blood of Trayvon Martin
the blood of Eric Garner
the blood of Shantel Davis
and the blood of Tamon Robinson

cry for the blood
of Chavis Carter
and Miriam Carey
the blood of Yvette Smith
and young Andy Lopez

they be putting black folk in back seats
of police cars
then pulling them out, dead
in their defense they say:
they committed suicide while they were handcuffed
black people are dumb, they'll buy that

for the blood of Michael Brown
the gunshots still echo in my dreams
for the blood of John Crawford III
and Ezell Ford
the blood of Akai Gurley

the blood keeps spilling

i groan for the blood of Sandra Bland
Rumain Brisbon
Kajieme Powell
Victor White III

for the blood of Deion Fludd
and Kimani Gray
for the blood of Kendrec McDade
and Aiyana Stanley-Jones

they be car-chasing black mothers
their hands still wrapped around the steering wheels
no time to raise them up and say, 'dont shoot'
a one year old daughter watches five bullets
fire into her mom's back

they be putting Bree Newsome behind bars
$20,000 bail
because you took down the confederate flag
and we are still proud that we killed and died
for the right to enslave and torture black people

for the blood of Ralkina Jones
Monique Jenee Deckard
for Terry Price
and Askari Roberts

for the blood
of every black man and woman and child
not to forget the blood of aborted black children
who died because their mothers would not be allowed welfare
if they had them
for the blood of black children also,
who could have been conceived
had poor black women
not been forced by laws
to be sterilized

because black people are done being slaves
and we are done being oppressed
we are done being ripped of diamonds and gold
we are done having invaders in our houses
raping our wives and daughters
cutting their breasts off
and slicing their vaginas


black men be done having their fingers
and testicles chopped
we done been whipped and slashed
until the hide on our backs peels fresh
into the air like tangerines

Lord knows Sally Hemmings, an african slave
was too young to fight
when Thomas Jefferson raped

her before becoming president of the

united states

anger so deep
i cant even feel my hands

my gold-skinned hands
and my gold-toned skin
at this point my heart has turned away
black lives matter
the march is still on and i'm beating drums
but i only desire justice from God

— for all the innocent black lives lost —

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